Breyten Potgieter started working at Danie Potgieter Attorneys inĀ 2004.

He has subsequently obtained his LLB degree and was admitted as an Attorney.

During 2011 Breyten became a Partner of Danie Potgieter Attorneys.

Currently he is busy with a Diploma in Advance Insolvency Litigation and Administration.

Breyten has advanced experience in Insolvency Law, Corporate Structuring, Corporate Rescues (both in legal and commercial mechanisms) and Trust Law. His experience was built from grassroots level.

In a relatively short career span, Breyten has consulted with almost 2000 big and small companies and individuals.

Even before Breyten was admitted as an Attorney, legal professionals asked his advice and respected his opinions.

Breyten did an academic paper on the South African Economy and Insolvency, in which he conveyed ground braking reform regarding certain aspects in Insolvency Law.